Subject: [IEEE-VR] Thesis proposal in 3D interaction and Virtual Reality
From: "Sabine Coquillart (by way of Martin Goebel)"
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 15:10:48 +0200

Thesis proposal in 3D interaction and Virtual Reality
Thesis proposal in 3D interaction and Virtual Reality, i3D-INRIA - Grenoble -  France

Title of Doctoral Project:
    3D interaction and Virtual Reality
Research topics:
     cognitive system, 3D interaction, virtual reality

Scientific Context:
i3D is an internationally recognized research group whose main field of expertise is 3D interaction
and Virtual Reality. i3D benefits from several top level VR/AR configurations such as a two-screens
workbench with a 6dof Spidar haptic system installed on it, a PhanTom 6dof, Cybertouch, Cyberglove,
pinchgloves, two video see-through HMDs, three video or electromagnetic tracking systems
(ARtracking and Polhemus), a desktop 6dof Spidar haptic system,... 

Thesis Subject :
The i3D research group seeks a PhD candidate to start its theses in the Fall 2007 (around September 2007)
on 3D interaction and Virtual Reality. The objective of the research project is the study, the conception and
the evaluation of new pseudo-haptic (simulation of haptic informations without active haptic devices)
3D user interfaces.  

Candidates wishing to apply must fulfill the following conditions:
- they must hold a Master of Science or an equivalent diploma;
- they must have a strong general background in computer science, statistics and applied mathematics;
- they should have specific theoretical and practical knowledge in virtual reality, 3D interaction and related topics (Haptics, Human Computer Interface, Ergonomics, Cognition, Perception, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Data analysis)
- they must have very good programming skills (C/C++, Linux environment)

For more details, please contact:

Applications will have to be addressed by April 30th, 2007 (earlier is prefered) to :
        Sabine Coquillart :
Please do not forget to also apply online, by the same date, at the following address:

This application must contain :
       - a detailed CV
       - a letter of motivation
       - a letter of recommendation from the candidate Master's director.

                     Sabine Coquillart
                Responsable scientifique i3D

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