Instalation notes

Program installation and start

  • download and unpack the .zip archive (, containing the executable code and test images
  • start the program by double-clicking dhe corresponding icon "MLP klasifikator.exe".

Using the program

  • After starting the program, the multilayer perceptrom weights should be initialized either by setting to random values (by checking the checkbox "Slucajne tezine") or to the trained values (by checking the checkbox "Podesene tezine") by clicking on the button "Inicijaliziraj mrezu". If we choose the initialization with random values, the perceptron should be trained.
  • By clicking the button "Otvori datoteku" an image (.bmp) containing a single preprocessed character could be opened and displayed (the images can be found in folder "Uzorci za MLP\razvrstani SVI uzorci\". The recognition procedure can be initiated by clicking the button "Raspoznaj".
  • The images of characters extracted from individual license plates are contained in the corresponding subfolders in the folder "\Uzorci za MLP\Ispitne tablice\". To start the recognition procedure for some license plate, the button "Raspoznaj tablicu" is to be used. In the File selection dialog any .bmp file can be selected in order to process all character images in that folder. The result is displayed in the text box "ZNAKOVI REGISTRACIJE". If the country identification sticker is available, the recognition rasult is displayed in the box "OZNAKA DRZAVE".
  • The button "Raspoznavanje tablica" initiates the recognition procedure for all subfolders and the results are written in the file "klasif_tablica.txt" in the program working directory.
  • The button "Klasifikacija znakova" initiates the recognition procedure for each character image contained in the selected folder (e.g. "Uzorci za MLP\razvrstani SVI uzorci\A"). The program writes the results in the folder "..\MLP klasifikator\klasifikacija\".
  • The button "Konverzija" converts all character images contained in the specified folder into .txt files containing RGB values for each pixel. For binary images the corresponding text files contain values 0 and 1. The output files are located in the folder "..\MLP klasifikator\konverzija\".