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Projects I'm coordinating

Center of Competency for Security of Industrial Control Systems

We are doing a lot of research in this project:

Opportunities for students

Cyber Conflict Simulator

The goal of the project is development of simulator that will allow education and training of cyber security incident handler. That will make fight against cyber criminal and other cyber attacks more efficient and effective. During the project partners are working on industrial research with the goal to develop simulation model and application system that will simulate different cyber attacks for the purpose of education and training. Potential users of the CCS are financial industry, ICT sector, energy sector, transporation, defense, etc.

We are doing a lot of research in this project:

The project started on January 2018 and will run till the end of 2020.

Opportunities for students

Security for project e-Škole

e-Škole is a project coordinated by Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET). I'm participating in this project as a lead of a team situated in Innovation Center Nikola Tesla. Our goal is to develop methods, tools, and techniques to make Croatian Web space, and especially the part of that Web space belonging to schools, more secure. To this end, we are developing two systems:
  1. a tool to help penetration testers be more efficient, and
  2. a tool to monitor Croatian Web space we call Web Security Radar.

This project runs from September 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2022.

Opportunities for students

Already a number of bachelor and master theses are in progress. But still, there are lot of opporunities to improve the system or to use data we collected for research purposes, e.g.:

Projects I'm participating in

Unoffical and student projects