Stjepan Groš

Writing gudielines


These are documents (in Croatian) that describe how to use OpenOffice to write seminar works and diploma thesis. I think they are general enough to be useful to many others using OpenOffice and/or writing documentation.

I strongly recommend everyone to use OpenOffice for writing documents. Not only it is more efficient, but it also has great export capabilities (most notably in PDF). Furthermore, it works on many different platforms, unlike some other similar applications.


New template for diploma thesis (v01). I changed the margins since they are prescribed to be 3cm left, and 2.5cm right, top and bottom. Also, diploma thesis is printed single-sided so there is no point in having different heading for left and right pages!

The most frequent errors

While reviewing student papers I found the following errors to be the most frequent:


When preparing presentations keep in mind the following:

When giving presentations keep in mind the following: