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The semantic annotator

We present the Annotator, a computer program which we used to collect the semantic segmentation groundtruth. Annotator is based on an early version of DrawMe and brings numerous improvements such as editing capability, zoom, undo, z-order etc. The code was developed in JavaScript and PHP by our students Ivan Fabijanić, Ivan Borko and Dino Pačandi.


The code is available for download from our site.

License and citing

The code may be freely used for academic purposes. If you find the code useful in your research, please cite the following paper:

Ivan Krešo, Denis Čaušević Josip Krapac and Siniša Šegvić. Convolutional scale invariance for semantic segmentation. GCPR 2016 (PDF).


By employing this program we semantically annotated 300 images from the KITTI dataset and improved the consistency of the 146 images originally annotated by German Ros. The dataset is available here.