Stjepan Groš


Welcome to my homepage. On these pages you'll find something about me and what I usually do. Note that these pages are mixed, in Croatian and in English. I do not have any intention (at least not for now) to keep two separate copies, it is too time consuming. The pages that are in Croatian will be marked as such by having italic item in a menu on the right. Also note that I'm still trying to figure out the exact layout of these pages, so things might (and will) change in the course of time.

I acquired my dipl. ing. title on December, 1998 from the Faculty of Electical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The title of the thesis was Behavioral and structural modeling of a hard real-time processor. Since 1999. I'm working on the same faculty. In 2004. I got my masters degree, and in 2009. I got PhD. Starting with August 1st, 2011. I'm assistant professor at the same department.

Official university pages:

My LinkedIn page.

I have a blog, though, I'm not very active as a blogger. :)

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