Seismic data visualization

Visualization of focal mechanism was achieved by creating interactive 3D faults with its corresponding beach ball displayed as a 3D sphere and 2D equatorial plane projection which makes it possible to visualize all types of faults and interact with the objects. The application offers the choice of direct input of earthquake data (strike (φ), dip (δ) and rake (λ)) as well as demonstrates movement along the slip vector. In addition, a 3D height map of Croatian was implemented showing focal spheres of selected earthquakes. A user can select and display the appropriate earthquake faults and focal sphere in 2D and 3D. All scenes are made in WebGL using Three.js language (JavaScript) 3D library.

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Seismic data visualization

Focal Mechanism

This is the practicle part of my Master's Thesis demostrating the Focal Mechanism.

Earthquake data provided by the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

The map of Croatia is based on data provided by the OpenTopography Facility with support from the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Numbers. Water coverage based on data provided by the Corine Land Cover dataset from the European Environment Agency.