Stjepan Groš

Stuff I wrote or I'm writing

On these pages You'll find stuff I wrote, or I'm currently writing.

Materials for Computer Networks (Croatian only)

Whenever I have time I write materials for Computer Networks. These materials are on Croatian, and they grew out from Computer Networks course I'm involved.

Kernel Module Programming

I also started to write articles on how to programm kernel modules. Actually, it's more ambitious than that, but it'll take some time until I finish it.


I bought myself this card in order to be able to access Internet from my laptop. But, it turned out that this card is not supported by stock kernel, and also, there was driver but only for 32-bit systems. I have 64-bit AMD system. So, I modified drivers so that they work on 64-bit systems. You'll find here source and some additional info about connecting to Mobile CARNet ISP. I sent patches to maintainer of driver, but received no response. In the mean time he released new version of driver, but I didn't tested it.

Writing guidelines

These are guidelines made for students and others needing advice on how to write different materials, primarily reports for the Courses I'm involved in. This material is mixed in Croatian and in English.

Latex style for ITI conference

I modified IEEE style so that it conforms to formatting rules for the ITI conference. You can download the following files: