Stjepan Groš

Skriptni jezici

Predmet skriptni jezici uveo je Zoran Kalafatić u FER2 program. Na tom predmetu držim predavanja od akademske godine 2008/2009.


Linkovi općeg karaktera

[20120302] More shell, less egg
[20120124] Sculpting text with regex, grep, sed, awk, emacs and vim
Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby: a side-by-side reference sheet


Regularni izrazi

[20160527] Rubular - a Ruby regular expression editor
[20130707] Debbugex: The online visual regex tester.
[20120122] Learn Regex The Hard Way (ALPHA)
Implementing Regular Expressions

Ljuska Unix OS-a

[20190123] Bash Pitfalls
[20170415] [YouTube] Stephen Bourne: Early days of Unix and design of sh
[20150403] BASH Frequently Asked Questions
[20140418] Better Bash Scripting in 15 Minutes
[20121207] Bash One-Liners Explained, Part V: Navigating around
[20120610] Keeping bash history in sync on disk and between multiple terminals
[20120307] Bash One-Liners
[20120128] Useless Use of Cat Award
[20120122] Writing Robust Bash Shell Scripts
[20111210] V6 Thompson Shell Port - Home
[20111210] Evolution of shells in Linux
[20111210] KornShell
[20111210] Comparison of command shells
Command Line Warriors
Bash Shell Scripting Directory For Linux / UNIX
Unix Shell Tips & Tricks
Heiner's SHELLdorado
Bash : Order of expansions (općenitije Bash Rules Blog)
The Bash Parser


[20130330] Unix Sed Tutorial: Advanced Sed Substitution Examples
[20120307] Using the sed Editor
Useful One-Line Scripts For SED (Unix stream editor) (local copy)
Famous Sed One-Liners Explained, Part I: File Spacing, Numbering and Text Conversion and Substitution
Famous Sed One-Liners Explained, Part II: Selective Printing of Certain Lines
Famous Sed One-Liners Explained, Part III: Selective Deletion of Certain Lines and Special Applications


[20110829] Why you should learn just a little Awk - A Tutorial by Example
Famous Awk One-Liners Explained, Part I: File Spacing, Numbering and Calculations


[20130830] Fly Vim, First-Class
[20130404] Vim regexes are awesome
[20130404] Emacs for vi users


[20170417] Regular Expressions [YouTube] All the Regex I Can Stuff Into 50 Minutes! - Jeremy Holland
[20170108] With the Rise of DevOps, Perl Shows Its Muscle
[20140420] Coping with Scoping
[20120301] perlunicook - cookbookish examples of handling Unicode in Perl
[20120205] How do you master Perl?
Perl One Liners
Hot Perl Onliners
Famous Perl One-Liners Explained, Part I: File Spacing
PerlMonks - The Monastery Gates
Perl Training Australia - Perl Tips
20 Perl Tips And Tricks
Accumulated Perl Tips and Tricks
Perl Best Practices: What shouldn’t I use?
Famous Perl One-Liners Explained, Part I
Perl Tips
Dekan's Solace: Perl Tips
Perl Tips Blog from Bay View Training
The top 10 tricks of Perl one-liners
Accumulated Perl Tips and Tricks
Perl tips
Five Ways to Improve Your Perl Programming
How a script becomes a module
Scott Gever - Perl Course

Problems/solutions from mailing lists:


[20190412] Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet
[20190310] Kattis problem Pivot: Incrementally improving the performance of a python script, until nothing makes sense anymore
[20170227] 10 Myths of Enterprise Python
[20150408] The Idiomatic Way to Merge Dictionaries in Python
[20140918] A Guide to Python's Magic Methods
[20140605] 30 Python Language Features and Tricks You May Not Know About
[20140605] Everything you did not want to know about Unicode in Python 3
[20140418] A collection of not so obvious Python stuff you should know!
[20130917] The definitive guide on how to use static, class or abstract methods in Python
[20130707] Python: Common Newbie Mistakes, Part 1
[20130611] Python Programming/Tips and Tricks
[20130611] Python performance tips
[20130611] What are the important language features (idioms) of Python to learn early on
[20130611] Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python
[20130611] Idioms and Anti-Idioms in Python
[20130611] Writing Idiomatic Python
[20130611] Python track: python idioms
[20130306] Python dictionary implementation
[20130303] Time Complexity of Python's builtin algorithms
[20130129] Brython
[20121108] Some patterns for fast Python
[20121108] Functional Programming with Python
[20121108] Pushing Python Past the Present
[20121029] Python functional programming
[20121021] Python socket programming tutorial
[20121014] Things you didn't know about Python
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[20120727] StackOverflow: Understanding Python decorators
[20120727] StackOverflow: What is a metaclass in Python?
[20120622] Stackoverflow: Python design patterns
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[20120605] Python Human Enums
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[20120605] A Python Reading List by Wesley Chun
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[20120516] Ask HN: Good python code for code reading
[20120516] Ask HN: Where is excellent Python code?
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[20120412] Python
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[20111220] Unfortunate Python
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[20111216] Stackless Python
[20111216] Maintaining state in functional python programs
[20111216] New Tail Recursion Decorator (Python recipe)
[20110913] A beginners guide to using Python for performance computing
[20110829] Simple comparison of Python and R for a basic OLS analysis
All About Python and Unicode


[20120124] Javascript Best Practices


[20120613] Unicode 6.1 Slide Show
[20120613] All About Unicode, UTF8 & Character Sets