Stjepan Groš

System administration links

R870: Unix System Administration - A Survival Course
UNIX Sysadmin Resources
Unix Guru Universe
A storage performance retrospective: A look back at more than four years of test data

Business software

A Survey Of CRM, Call Center, And Help Desk Tools For Linux


VPN Architectures -- Comparing MPLS and IPSec



Performance tuning

System Tuning Info for Linux Servers
Choosing an I/O Scheduler for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4 and the 2.6 Kernel
Optimizing the EXT3 file system on CentOS
Chapter 2. General System Tuning


NFSv4: Overview of New Features

Boot, BIOS and low level stuff

PXE dust: scalable day-to-day diskless booting
Wim's BIOS Page: BIOS Upgrades, Motherboard identification and more...

ECC memory and memory errors

Attack of the Cosmic Rays
Updates on the need to use error-correcting memory
IC Knowledge - DRAM Trends

AD Integration

Securely Integrate Linux, Unix and Mac with Active Directory



Power management