Stjepan Groš

Installing MQ Server 7

Base OS install

Minimal install.

During disk partitioning be carefull that MQ is installed in /opt/mqm and that there has to be enough disk space, at least 200M for Intel (32- and 64-bit). Additionally, if you plan to use IBM's Java SDK it installs into /opt/ibm/java2-i386-50 directory where around 100M is necessary.

Install additional packages:

libXp (required by IBM java)

The previous packages will pull some dependencies also:

libX11 libXau libXdmcp libXext xorg-x11-filesystem (required by libXp)

Install helpfull packages:



Add user mqm with a default group mqm:

useradd mqm

Install Java SDK

Temporarily disable SELinux to not interfere with installation process:

setenforce 0


Accept license by running the following command:

./ -accept

Note that the previous command will not display text of the license. If you want to read a license (and you should first time you are installing MQ) then use the option -text_only.

Install necessary packages:

MQSeriesRuntime-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm MQSeriesSDK-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm MQSeriesServer-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm MQSeriesJava-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm

Install optional packages:

MQSeriesMan-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm (manual pages)
MQSeriesSamples-7.0.0-0.i386.rpm (necessary to verify installation)

Add Axis

cp -f PreReqs/axis/axis.jar /opt/mqm/java/lib/soap/axis.jar
chown mqm:mqm /opt/mqm/java/lib/soap/axis.jar
chmod 444 /opt/mqm/java/lib/soap/axis.jar

Verifying installation

[mqm@mqm ~]$ crtmqm -q venus.queue.manager
WebSphere MQ queue manager created.
Creating or replacing default objects for venus.queue.manager.
Default objects statistics : 58 created. 0 replaced. 0 failed.
Completing setup.
Setup completed.
[mqm@mqm ~]$ strmqm
WebSphere MQ queue manager 'venus.queue.manager' starting.
5 log records accessed on queue manager 'venus.queue.manager' during the log replay phase.
Log replay for queue manager 'venus.queue.manager' complete.
Transaction manager state recovered for queue manager 'venus.queue.manager'.
WebSphere MQ queue manager 'venus.queue.manager' started.
[mqm@mqm ~]$ runmqsc 
5724-H72 (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2008.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Starting MQSC for queue manager venus.queue.manager.

define qlocal (orange.queue)
     1 : define qlocal (orange.queue)
AMQ8006: WebSphere MQ queue created.
     2 : end
One MQSC command read.
No commands have a syntax error.
All valid MQSC commands were processed.
[mqm@mqm ~]$

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