Mapping and Assessing the State of Traffic InFrastructure

The first bilateral computer vision workshop ZEMRIS-EMT 2010

The workshop is over. Have a look at the photos.


The workshop will be held on 8th June 2010, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The technical programme will take place in the room D152.

Technical programme

14:05 Overview of recent research on traffic sign detection, recognition and tracking in the frame of the project MASTIF
S.Šegvić, K.Brkić, Z.Kalafatić, V.Stanisavljević, M.Ševrović, D.Budimir, I.Dadić
14:25 Streamlining collection of training samples for object detection and classification in video
Ana Bulović, Damir Bučar, Petar Palašek, Bojan Popović, Ante Trbojević, Lucija Zadrija, Ivan Kusalić, Karla Brkić, Zoran Kalafatić, Siniša Šegvić
14:40 Detection and recognition of circular traffic signs
A. Martinović, G. Glavaš, M. Juribašić, D. Sutić and Z. Kalafatić
14:55 Generative modeling of traffic sign trajectories
K.Brkić, S.Šegvić, Z.Kalafatić, I.Sikirić, A.Pinz
15:15 Detection and recognition of triangular traffic signs
I.Bonači, I.Kovaček, I.Kusalić, Z.Kalafatić
15:30 Recovering the road appearance mosaic from video
I.Sikirić, K.Brkić, S.Šegvić
15:45 A short break
16:00 Overview of current activities of the VMG group at TU Graz
Axel Pinz
16:10 3D contour cloud models for object categorization
Kerstin Poetsch, Axel Pinz
16:30 Analysis of S+M outliers to reconstruct independent foreground motion
Peter Holzer, Axel Pinz
16:50 Color calibration and color constancy for object recognition
Markus Rettenbacher, Axel Pinz
17:05 Multiclass boosting of boundary fragment models
Michael Eberle, Axel Pinz
17:30 Demonstrations and discussions
18.00 Closing


This is the first in the series of two bilateral workshops between the Computer vision lab at the Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems, and the Vision-based Measurement Group at the Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing at TU Graz. The workshop is performed in the frames of our main project MASTIF and the bilateral project funded by the governments of Croatia and Austria. The workshop offers an opportunity for the exchange of recent work in the two laboratories, as well as for fostering future collaboration.