Mapping and Assessing the State of Traffic InFrastructure

The MASTIF datasets

This page provides the traffic sign datasets collected during our research project MASTIF. The datasets may be freely used in academic research. If you find these datasets useful, please consider citing one of the following publications:

There are three datasets (TS2009, TS2010, and TS2011), which we name with respect to the year in which they were annotated. Each sign is annotated 4-5 times at different distances from the car. The developed machine learned algorithms therefore need to be carefully assessed, in order to avoid having different instances of the same physical sign in both the training and the evaluation sets.


The dataset TS2009 has been acquired with an interlaced camera, and the corresponding signs are often significantly distorted. We have therefore used TS2009 for training in most of our experiments so far. For training our detectors we have used TS2009 as is, while our classifiers have been trained on a deinterlaced variant of that dataset.

The three datasets can be downloaded from:

Please note that the model images for each of the five main categories of the Croatian signs (A-E) can be downloaded from: A, B, C, D, E.

The back-end server for storing the datasets has been kindly provided by the VPS and GSS services of the University of Zagreb University computing centre. Srce VPS

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