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Sinisa Segvic
University of Zagreb
Faculty of El. Eng. and Computing (www)
Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems (www)
Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Room: D314
Phone: +385 98 313-325
Messages: +385 1 6129-935
Fax.: +385 1 6129-653
E-mail: sinisa segvic at fer hr
PGP: public key

PhD students
  • Josip Saric: Joint Forecasting of Features and Feature Motion for Semantic Future Prediction in Video (pdf, github)
  • Marin Orsic: Efficient semantic image segmentation using pyramidal fusion (pdf, github)
  • Ivan Kreso: Convolutional architecture for efficient semantic segmentation of large images (pdf, github)
  • Ivan Sikiric: Improving fleet management systems by computer vision (pdf, RG)
  • Valentina Zadrija: Bottom-up Object Localization With Fisher Vectors (pdf, LI)

Publications: hr, en, crosbi, scholar, orcid, D307@yt

Official pages: (in Croatian)

Biography: en

Curriculum vitae: en


Participation in research projects
  • ADEPT - Advanced dense prediction (2021-2024), Croatian Science Foundation, project leader
  • DATACROSS - The Centre of Research Excellence for Data Science and Advanced Cooperative Systems. ERDF KK. (leaders: I.Petrovic, S.Loncaric)
  • MULTICLOD - Multi-class object detection for smart cars and safe roads (2014-2017), Croatian Science Foundation, project leader: pr21, tits20, gcpr19, iccvw17, gcpr16a, gcpr16b, visapp15a, visapp15b

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