Sinisa Segvic

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Educational Activities
  • Dynamic scene analysis: fer
  • Models for representing images and video: fer
  • Design Patterns in Software Development: info, fer
  • Deep Learning: info (fer)
  • Computer architecture 2: info, fer
  • Scripting languages: fer
  • Seminar: fer, fer-ms
  • Software project: fer, fer-ms
  • BS theses: fer,
  • MS theses: fer-ms

Contact Address

Sinisa Segvic
University of Zagreb
Faculty of El. Eng. and Computing (www)
Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems (www)
Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Room: D330
Phone: +385 1 6129-942
Messages: +385 1 6129-935
Fax.: +385 1 6129-653
E-mail: sinisa segvic at fer hr
PGP: public key

Publications: hr, en, crosbi, scholar

Official pages: (in Croatian)

Biography: en

Curriculum vitae: en

Research and professional interests
  • new! Runner-up at Robust Vision Challenge 2018 cvpr rob 2018
  • Ladder-style DenseNets for Semantic Segmentation of Large Natural Images iccv cvrsuad 2017
  • Convolutional Scale Invariance for Semantic Segmentation gcpr 2016
  • Weakly supervised localization with Fisher vectors of image patches gcpr 2015
  • Learning the calibration bias by exploiting groundtruth motion visapp2015 full paper
  • Image representations on a budget iv2014
  • Generic and Object Oriented Programming,
  • Image Processing.

Participation in research projects
  • MULTICLOD - Multi-class object detection (2014-2017), Croatian Science Foundation, project leader: visapp15a, visapp15b,
  • ACROSS - Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems (2011-2014), EU FP7 REGPOT: visapp15b, iv14
  • VISTA - Computer Vision Innovations for Safe Traffic (2012-2014), EU IPA III-c: visapp15a, visapp15b, ccvw11
  • MASTIF - Mapping and assessing traffic infrastructure (2008-2011), NSF - IPV, project leader: mva14, cvww11, scia11, itsc10
  • AviCMaL (2007), EU FP6 MC IIF: bencos07
  • Predit Mobivip (2006), France: its11, cviu09
  • MACV - Multiagent active computer vision (2002), MZOS Croatia, project leader: icvs03
  • Interpretation of blocks world scenes (1997), CARNet Croatia: tie01

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